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To restore the evenness and bearing capacity of verges right next to the road surface.

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For restoring the drainage properties of verges under guard rails.

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For lowering verges.


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For the removal of woody vegetation which obstructs views from verges and ditches.

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Is the verge actually safe?

You're driving down a country lane, and come across a big tractor coming the other way. The road is too narrow for you both, so you have to use the verge. However, the verge has seen better days; it’s badly damaged because it has been driven over too much, and full of holes. After some bumps, you come to a halt. Imagine, however, that you had driven over the verge at high speed. That could have ended very badly...

Good verge maintenance: a serious matter

Every year in the Netherlands, there are about 1,400 single-vehicle roadway departure accidents involving hospital admissions. Tragically, around 200 people lose their lives in this way annually. These numbers are shocking, especially considering that some of these accidents could have been prevented if verges had been made safe. For the sake of road safety, therefore, it is extremely important that road managers repair dangerous verges.

At ByTheWay, our position is that verges can be made safer, and must be made safer. We have innovative solutions to assist our road managers in maintaining and improving the safety of our verges.

Our patented KLEISER® machinery is designed to restore the safety of our verges, and reduce costs. Using KLEISER® machinery results in significant cost and quality benefits compared to other verge repair methods.

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What is a dangerous verge?

We all know what a verge is, and prefer to avoid driving over it, but there are times when a good verge is essential. For example, when you accidentally veer off the tarmac, or if you have to use it when passing an oncoming vehicle. When this happens, you’ll appreciate it if the verge is well-maintained, and not full of deep holes which make it easy to lose control of your vehicle.

Even if your car does stay on the tarmac, a verge can be dangerous: it may be home to trees or shrubs that obstruct road users’ views, for example, and unplanned vegetation in verges can make crossroads tricky to negotiate.

Another problem which may arise is puddles on the road after heavy rain because the verge doesn’t drain water properly. This can lead to aquaplaning and you losing control of your car. Verges also have to be lowered from time to time.


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