KLEISER®sh: sustainable removal of woody vegetation

The KLEISER® sh removes unwanted vegetation, thereby protecting the turf.


Protect turf, remove woody vegetation

n places along verges and ditches that are unsuitable for regular mowing, there is a good chance that trees and shrubs will start to grow. However, this unintended woody vegetation can obstruct the views of road users. This vegetation used to be sprayed with weed killer, but that is no longer permitted.

The disadvantages of sawing
Woody vegetation is now often removed by sawing it or cutting it off above ground. The result? The plant starts growing from the stump left behind. In one growing season, the vegetation may reach a height of 3 metres; high enough to obstruct road users’ views again.

The stumps which remain are also very inconvenient for maintenance with a cutter basket or flail mower.


Pull out of the ground, roots and all?
An alternative is to pull woody vegetation out of the ground, root and all. This is done with the bucket grab or sorting grab of the crane. The disadvantage of this method is that a lot of soil is also removed, and the turf in ditch walls and verges is damaged.

The solution: KLEISER®sh
The KLEISER®sh keeps soil and sod in perfect condition, but permanently removes woody vegetation. How? The stump is cut off underground, while the stems of woody vegetation are clamped simultaneously. As a result, the removal process is highly efficient; Put the KLEISER®sh into position, determine cutting depth, close the mouth of the KLEISER®sh, move crane arm to unloading area, unload and again put the KLEISER®sh into position. The removed stump can no longer grow back, and the roots left in the ground die off.

In our own region, we actively carry out work using the KLEISER®sh. (This region includes: Drenthe, Overijssel North, South-East Friesland and the North-East Polder.)


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