Lowering of verges, even under guard rails - KLEISER®vr

Material always accumulates on verges. In farming areas, dust from the air ends up on verges, lorries lose soil they are transporting, tyres and asphalt suffer wear: it all contributes to higher verges.

One of the most important functions of a verge is to drain water. If the verge is higher than the road surface, the very opposite happens: puddles remain on the road surface, constituting a threat to road safety. On provincial and national roads in particular, the risk of aquaplaning and loss of control presented by this situation is considerable.

Lower verges with the KLEISER®vr

To lower verges, ByTheWay developed the KLEISER®vr.  Like the KLEISER®bh, this machine has the great advantage that the verge material is cut loose with rubber, as a result of which the risks of damage to road surfaces, guard rails and the machine itself are very low. What makes the KLEISER®vr so special? It is specifically designed to effectively and efficiently lower verges under the guard rail.

berm verlagen

How much verge do we lower per day?

In two passes, without removal of the displaced verge material, the working speed of the KLEISER®vr averages just over 1 km per day.

ByTheWay, we are looking for ...

In the Netherlands, we would like to get in touch with road managers or main contractors of maintenance contracts who want to investigate whether the KLEISER®vr also offers them benefits in their work.

In Europe, we are looking for partners who can see opportunities to market and exploit the KLEISER®vr in their country or region, based on a license agreement. We can also supply KLEISER®vr machines. You, our partner, can independently set up a business model following our example in the Netherlands. Agreements where KLEISER®vr machines are rented or sold are also negotiable.

With an eye to expanding outside the Netherlands, we are also seeking collaboration with professional manufacturers and rental companies with a strong position in the market for our products, such as in the area of equipment for hydraulic cranes.

For countries outside Europe, it is also possible that a partner takes over one or more patents for the country concerned.

Would you like to…

  • further explore the potential of the KLEISER®vr for your verges?
  • carry out work with the KLEISER®vr, or have it carried out?
  • manufacture KLEISER®vr machinery for non-Dutch markets?
  • help in the development of the KLEISER®vr?
  • rent the KLEISER®vr outside the Netherlands?